Tailknottr Anglers Knot Tyer and DVD Combo

"Ties 33 plus knots faster and stronger than by hand!"

I thought it may be just another tool that I would end up using a half a dozen times and then it would end up taking up space in the tackle box. How wrong I was, it took me half a dozen times or so to get the hang of it and for my hands to get the feel for it "muscle memory". After that I was very impressed at the speed by which I could tie. Not only that I am actually tying knots that previously I would never have considered.

Because I attach the Tailknottr to a lanyard, and the fact that it has a built in line cutter, I no longer have to grope for scissors and my teeth thank me too for not having to chomp on the line.


Because it is a cast alloy there is no danger of rusting, its light weight and can be worn on a retractor or lanyard so its always close at hand when you need it. The built in line cutter is a stroke of genius and the built in bottle opener well I don't need to say what a feature that is thumbs up from me


If I had any it was the price until I took into consideration the added features and I realized that shipping was included and the DVD came with it which is much easier to follow than diagrams.


I am glad I purchased I use it a lot and would consider another one in case this one somehow ends up in the drink. All in all a great product!

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