The Tailknottr knot tying tool is made of zinc alloy in the USA, it can currently tie up to 30+ knots as well as splice lines and attaching to your reel, who knows YOU may invent the next knot!

The mouth of the fish contains a line cutting blade which will cut Mono and braided line.

Tailknottr will tie the smallest of hooks as well as shank knots for larger hooks. You will tie your knots faster and stronger with Tailknottr than you can by hand. anglers who suffer from arthritis will happy to use the Tailknottr.

Spend less time tying and more time fishing with Tailknottr.
The Tailknottr is $24.50 USD
Price includes shipping worldwide (except Nigeria).
There is no tax for Canadian customers.
You also get a free instructional DVD (a value of $9.99USD).

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